School Council

The School Council is an important part of Crowdys Hill School.  This is where the students are able to put forward their views and ideas to further improve the school and their well being.  Two students per year group are voted onto the school council by their peers using an election process.  The students are then on the school council for that academic year.   At the first Student Council meeting a chair person and vice-chair person are voted in by the council and it is the responsibility of these students to discuss and feedback to the Headteacher.  All councillors give feedback back to their own year group.  We are particularly proud of our emphasis on student voice in Crowdys Hill School.

The School Council decided on names for the houses that we have at Crowdys Hill School – they are

Weir (David Weir – Paralympic athlete) – Green.

Symmonds (Ellie Symmonds – Paralympic swimmer) – Red.

Peacock (Johnny Peacock – Paralympic athlete) – Blue.

Click on the links below for minutes of the school council meetings

Summer 19/20 – no minutes – school closed for Covid-19

Spring 19/20

Autumn 19/20

Summer 18/19

Spring 18/19

Summer 17/18

Spring Term 17/18

Autumn Term 17/18

Summer Term 16/17

Spring Term 16/17

Autumn Term 16/17

Summer Term 15/16

Spring Term 15/16

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