Photos of Phase 1 taking shape in 2016

New Building At Crowdys Hill

Crowdys Hill School have been lucky enough to secure funding for a partial new build – due for completion in 2016.

Work began in July 2015 to prepare the site.

A compound was built, then the site flattened (we said goodbye to Mrs Mason and Mr Lucey’s mobile) and then a few weeks later goodbye to Mr Staff’s classroom.

September 2015

The site is now being prepared for the foundations to go in.

Update – 20.11.15

The piling for the foundations has been done.

Update – 04.01.16

The foundations have been laid.  The floor is slowly being lifted into place with help from a massive crane.  The scaffodling has gone up during the Christmas break ready for the timber frame to be delivered during January 2016.

Update – 14.01.16

Very busy on site this week, a huge crane still dominates the skyline and it is busy lifting in the timber frames for the walls this week – the building should go up very quickly now!

10am – 5 - 18metre 2 1/4 tonne roof beams arrive on site

3pm – 5 – 18metre 2 1/4 tonne roof beams in place!!!

Update – 18.01.16

Stepnells’ have been very busy over the weekend – all the roof supports are in and we can finally see the shape of the first pod and its classrooms.

Update – 04.02.16

The roof on the first pod has had its casing fitted.  The roof beams for the second pod have also been delivered and installed.  Work is progessing fast now!!

Update – 24.02.16

The roof on the main pod has been installed and the tiling has begun.  The walls are up on the second pod and over half term the ceiling was erected too.

Update – 24.03.16

The roofs continue to be tiled.  The work is mainly being done on the inside now so progress is difficult to see from the outside.  Walls are up inside, we can see all the individual rooms taking shape, the underfloor heating and first fix for the cables is also happening.

Update – 21.04.16

The work continues mainly on the inside now with the internal walls going up, the underfloor heating being laid and first fix of the cables being installed.  The outside walls are being rendered.

Update – 23.05.16

The walls have been rendered, they roof complete and the scaffolding has come down.  Work continues inside.

Update – 24.06.16

The windows have been installed.  Work continues on the inside – painting, plastering and second fix of the electrics.

Update – 20.07.16

The outside area has tarmac going down.  The carpets are going down inside.  We will be moving in ready for September!! :-)

Update – 22.08.16

The building is complete we are just waiting for the outside finishing touches to be completed ready to move in next week!

Update – 07.09.16

We have moved into the building and the classrooms are ready.

Primary School New Build

Update – 16.01.17

The new build for the Primary school is scheduled to start in February 2017.

Update – 26.04.17

The new build for the Primary school is underway, the foundations have been laid and a crane is now on site ready for the next phase of the build.

Update – 18.09.17

The new Primary school is now complete and open, the outside area is not being finished.  The pink palace at the school has been demolished ready for the new playground to be built.

Phase 5 – Building Works

Update – 29.09.17

Work has started on the next phase of building to include DT and a Drama classrooms.

Update – 27.11.17

The building is starting to shape very quickly, scaffolding is up and walls are going up soon.

Update – 28.02.18

The beams for the roof have been delivered and the roof is going on.

Update 14.05.18

The scaffolding is down and the work continues inside with all the electrics, cabling and plumbing being installed.

Update 03.09.18

The building is complete and now open for the new school year.

Date this page was last modified: 21 September 2018