Crowdys Hill school has two sensory rooms, once based in the Primary building and the other in the Secondary building. All staff are trained on how to use the equipment in these rooms and plan specific activities based on individual EHCP targets. Sensory rooms are also used to help the children and young peopleregulate, either independently or with support from an adult. 
We have a large amount of equipment in school from dark dens to gym balls, light boxes to weighted items, and ear defenders to wobble cushions. Our Occupational Therapists advise staff on equipment to use for individual children and then train staff on how to use it. Items such as ear defenders and wobble cushions are readily available in classrooms for pupils to access if they feel they need them. 
Across the school we use the Zones of Regulation. Pupils are taught how to recognise feelings and emotions in themselves using this. Alongside this the staff work with the pupils to teach them strategies to help them move between the zones to help them calm or become more alert. Strategies include wall pushes, yoga and breathing exercises. 
Across the school sensory and movements breaks are planned by teachers for whole classes and individuals to give pupils opportunities to regulate across the school day. In Primary staff plan weekly sensory activities based on individuals needs and occupational therapist advise. This includes activities based on oral sensory seeking behaviours such as food tasting, making different movements and sounds with the mouth, and activities involving blowing. Other activities include sensory play where pupils are encouraged to explore a variety of different textures from custard, to rice, to flour.  

What do we offer all pupils at Crowdys Hill School? 

All lessons taught by ASC trained staff. 
All lessons taught by SEN trained staff. 
Staff trained in using sensory equipment, and sensory balancing strategies. 
Access to sensory toys, breaks and/or other sensory equipment as needed. 
SPARKS programme weekly. 
SPARKS programme daily. 
Highly differentiated PE to develop coordination and proprioceptor and vestibular senses. 
Motor skills developed through weekly PE lessons which focus on gross motor skills and coordination. 
Physical health encouraged through Sixth Form leisure and Sports course. 
Primary and KS3- swimming on a rota. 
Fine motor skills developed through weekly handwriting support sessions. 
Weekly/dailyaccess to the sensory room with support TA. 
Access to occupational therapist three times yearly. 
Advice from OT shared and used by staff for all lessons as needed. 
School OT advising whole classes. 
Access to hearing impairment specialist teacher, and strategies shared by all staff. 
Access to visual impairment specialist teacher, and strategies shared by all staff. 
Development of proprioceptor senses through weekly drama sessions. 
Development of proprioceptor senses through daily/ weekly wake up shake up programmes. 
Planned sensory activities daily/ weekly. 
In Primary - weekly hydrotherapy. 
Specialist equipment, such as wobble cushions, move’n’sit, writing slopes. 
All areas of the school accessible for wheelchair users. 
Trained TAs to support physical needs. 
Trained TAs to support medical needs. 
Access to hearing impairment support as needed. 
Access to visual impairment support as needed. 
Extra support, as advised by SENDCo/ Assistant SENDCo: 
In Primary - rebound therapy. 
Physiotherapist three times yearly visit to school. 
Advice from physiotherapist followed by all staff. 
Support sessions weekly from specialist physiotherapist TA. 
Weekly ASC support sessions from specialist TA. 
Weekly motor skills support sessions from specialist TA. 
Access to hydrotherapy pool as advised by OT. 
Individual health care plan support as advised. 
Individual personal care support as advised. 
Individual medical care support as advised. 

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Get in touch 

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