SEN - Annual Review

About the Annual Review

This is a statutory meeting, between parents/ carers, tutors and any agencies working with the student, and post 16 placements. Most importantly, it is a meeting where the student can give their views, and discuss their own education.

This has to happen every school year. As a school, we have to give 6 weeks’ notice to agencies. Annual reviews have to go ahead as planned. Sometimes parents/ carers cannot make the date or time set. We can rearrange if we are contacted on receipt of the invitation. If parents cannot attend, they can complete the parent views form, sent with the invitation, to school, and it will be added to the annual review in their absence. We would recommend that parents attend as this is their opportunity to listen to the views of their child.

At Crowdys Hill School, the annual review takes up to an hour. Parents/ carers and representatives of agencies currently working with the student, are invited to attend. For year 9, year 10 and year 11 students we also invite relevant post 16 representatives. Parents/carers can ask other relevant agencies to attend. Please ask school for advice.

It’s all about the student. The student is always invited to be part of the review. Work is done in tutor time, to gather views from the student, prior to the review. For some students, they may produce a video or power point presentation to record their views.

Whilst the form filling part has to be done with the parent/ carer, as they know the needs of their child, the main aim is for the views of the student to be expressed and shared. All the information is gathered, recorded, and sent to Swindon Special Education Needs and Assessment Team.

Information is shared within school, as necessary, and with post 16 placements, and agencies working with the student.

Kate Higham

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