Timetables 2020 - 2021

Please click on the class below to access their  School Timetable – this will be published December 2020 when the recovery curriculum has ended.

Primary School 






Secondary School

Class 7B – Miss Butterworth

Class 7G – Mrs Gillmore

Class 8B – Miss Bartlett

Class 8D – Mr Dickens

Class 8E – Mrs Dundas

Class 8H – Mrs Howell

Class 8T – Miss Timbrell

Class 9B – Mrs Baker

Class 9W – Miss Welsh

Class 9F – Mrs Fannin

Class 10M – Mrs McLaughlin

Class 10P – Mrs Parker

Class 10W – Miss Whateley

Class 11B – Mrs Mason

Class 11L – Mrs Lancashire

Sixth Form – NB – teaching timetable groups are different from Form Tutor groups in Sixth Form

Group A Sixth Form

Group B Sixth Form

Group C Sixth Form

Group D Sixth Form

Group E Sixth Form

Date this page was last modified: 17 November 2020