Residential Information

Braeside Residential Information

Year 8 students have the opportunity to visit Braeside Education and Conference Centre in Devizes. Whilst on this summer term three day residential the students experience a number of new activities such as team building, canoeing, science activities, low and high ropes course and a town trail. Other activities may include pond dipping, boat trip, day trip to Bath and visiting the Wadsworth Shire Horses. There are also lots of fun activities for students to participate in, in the evenings. For some students this may be the first time that they are away from their parents, and we strongly believe that this increases their self-confidence, social and independence skills.

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Plas Pencelli – Breacon Beacons

Year 10 students have the opportunity to vivist Penclli. This centre aims to provide all of the students with a range of social, life and outdoor experiences which cannot easily be provided in school during a normal school day. These include increasing personal confidence, promoting individual, group and teamwork skills, personal management and both care of oneself and others. The programme will include opportunities to take part in hill and mountain walking, swimming, canoeing, climbing, caving and a range of centre based activities.

The facilities at Plas Pencelli Outdoor Education Centre are excellent as you can see from the information and pictures on the Plas Pencelli Outdoor Education Centre website

Click here to view the Plas Pencelli website

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